My First Medium Psychic Reading Experience

My First Psychic Reading Experience

The other day I booked an appointment to go and visit a Psychic and have a reading taken place. I have always wanted to do this and when my best friends told me their manager was a Psychic I decided to book a session with her. I can safely say it was one of the best decisions of my life, so today I thought it would be a great idea to sit down and give you guys a little run through with what happened during the session, that way you can see what sort of things they talk about and what to expect during a reading. As many of you may already know I am very much into my mind, body and spirit and have been for a very long time now. I love anything that’s to do with cleansing your soul, determining your future and even communicating with the deceased, so when I found out about having a reading I was beyond excited. When I first arrived I was so anxious, not because I was scared of what was going to happen but just because I didnt know what to expect and as I had never met the lady before I was very nervous how I should act around her. When I first arrived she took me into a small room with two comfy chairs and a little table in the middle, we sat down and had a little chat before we began which I thought was lovely because she could tell I was nervous. She then explained the process to me and also stated she was nervous as well because shed never shown anyone her powers beforehand besides friends and family.

She started with closing her eyes whilst taking some deep breathes which we did together for a few minutes. The best thing about Sam was that she explained what she was doing as she went through the process and at this point she explained what was happening. She told me she was connecting herself with my thoughts and feelings so she could feel how I felt and to be honest this really scared me. The first thing she said to me was that she was so upset with how you feel about myself, she went on to tell me that the first thing she gets from me was a lot of negative feelings towards myself and life. She also looked me in the eyes and told me she could tell I have felt this way for a long time now possibly since being a little girl which was very much true. I like to think I am a very bubbly and confident person in public but that is just to cover how I really feel, my whole life is a fake act of happiness. She then carried on to tell me that its as if she could picture me looking into a mirror and wanting to smash the glass because I hate what I see. At this point I was so emotional and began to cry, I wasnt crying because I upset I was crying because I was in shock that someone could genuinely know how I feel about myself to the extent that I do. I hide the way I feel from everyone so the fact that she knew it scared me because I could no longer lie. After this she said to me, you have come here today to find a reason for happiness havent you? And you want me to tell you all the happy things that are going to happen in your life dont you?. I sat there in silence for a few minutes thinking to myself about the fact she was completely right, all I was looking for was an answer for me to be happy.

As the session carried on she explained to me that there had been events in my past that had taken place but never worked out for me and the reason for this was because they werent the right pathways for me to take at that time, However in the next couple of months I will be on the right pathway for me. She asked me if this made sense and I explained that it definitely did, I previously applied for university 3 years ago because I was unhappy with my life but ended up going traveling instead which also didnt work out for me because I went through an awful break up during that time. Now I have reapplied for uni and will be starting a primary education course in September. She told me that everything is going to work out fine and I need to stop worrying because I underestimate myself way to much. Right after she said this to me she explained that there was a presence in the room who wanted to make contact with me. At this point I immediately thought about Luke, I was kind of scared but at the same time I wanted it to be him more than anything and I was correct, I believe it was him. She explained that the person trying to get through was a male however she normally gets the vibes of a parent or grandparent but this person wasnt blood related to me. The man trying to contact was apparently screaming at me, desperately trying to get his message across and she said the message was to tell me how proud he is of how far I’ve come and that I need to pursue my dream and give it a 100% because he didnt get chance to achieve what he wanted. She also explained that she knew this person had helped me a lot in the past, had a huge impact on my life and had helped me get to where I am today. This could not have been anyone other than Luke and to be able to receive that message was a huge blessing in itself, just for the fact Luke didnt know I applied for university and for him to say he was proud of me was a lovely feeling. For anybody who is new to my blog or doesnt know me very well, Luke was my ex boyfriend who I had been dating for 2 months before he sadly passed away in a car accident in November 2016.

To finish off the session she said something to me that surprised me more than ever. She looked me deep in the eyes, held my hands and asked me if I knew I was psychic myself and asked if I knew I had the gift in my family. My mum has always been strange and always been able to know what I am thinking and feeling so when she said this to me I explained that to her. We always thought that in my family we were just so close we could tell what each other felt but my mum has always said she knew she was different but never wanted to pursue on her talent. My great great nan was also a white witch back in the day so I do like to believe that there is something in my family line regarding spiritual beliefs and psychic talents. At this point I was in shock and asked her how she knew this and she explained that she could feel the power radiating from me and it was very strong. She then carried on to explain she wanted to prove this to me and show me the power I have so we done an exercise where I got to read her cards and I got them spot on which was a very strange and weird feeling.

This is where the session ended after around 30-40 minutes. My first experience was a mixture of every emotion possible, I felt amazed, upset, scared and surprised all at once. I definitely do not regret going along for this experience and I would 100% book another session as I really felt that I benefitted from this. I completely understand that not everyone reading this will agree with Psychic readings, I also understand that this sort of experience is not for everyone and not everyone will believe in what happened. I also want to state that I do not claim to know everything there is regarding readings, I just wanted to share my own personal expeierence and hopefully my experience will persuade some of you guys to give it ago yourself as I had great fun.

What Is It Like Being A Highly Emotional Person

What does it mean to be a highly emotional person? Most people will automatically associate the words highly emotional with sadness and despair but in my eyes that’s far from the truth, You can experience high emotions for the most fantastic reasons. This doesn’t necessarily mean crying at everything. When you’re happy, you’re ecstatic! When you’re mad, you’re fuming. When you’re stressed, you’re freaking out! You feel like your emotions are so much stronger, compared to everyone else and that is what makes you a highly emotional person. Today I have been having the strangest emotional rollercoaster ride of a day so I thought it would be a great idea to share my thoughts on this topic especially. I think it’s important to discuss the different levels of emotions and how each person is affected in completely different ways, wether those emotions are for good or bad reasons, you are normal and they are normal feelings to have.

I, myself am a very highly emotional person that has experienced a fair bit of emotional pain in my life but I believe you have to accept the bad to appreciate the good in this world. How are you going to know when something is so great if you have never experienced the bad side of things. Life isn’t meant to be an easy ride and you are always going to have hard times, no matter how perfect your life may seem. Being highly emotional does make this hard sometimes and I think this is where my anxiety and depression comes into things. When my life decides to throw something a little negative my way I never know how to deal with it, I get stressed very easily and It does not take long for the water works to make an appearance. I am most definitely not promoting this as a good way to be because it is not good for your emotional or mental health and I hate being this way. Sometimes I really wish I didn’t feel those feelings in so much dept because when it’s bad, it’s real bad and I often get myself in quite a bad state.

This picture above was literally me crying the other day for absolutely no reason, us woman can and will always be emotional wrecks especially at the certain time of the month.. embrace it and laugh it off!

Being highly emotional isn’t always bad though, Like I mentioned previously when you’re happy, you’re ecstatic! On the same level as overpowering emotions, you may find yourself crying more than most. Not in a bad way but it could be as simple as having a conversation, but the tears seem to well up in your eyes or listening to your new favourite song just due to your strong feelings and emotions. It’s as if sometimes your emotions don’t understand and you could cry from the happiness of the situation. You just respond differently to everyone else and by having tears, that’s how you express yourself. When it comes to falling in love or liking someone new, being highly emotional plays a huge part in both the bad and the good. I tend fall for people very quickly and sometimes this unfortunately doesn’t work out, leaving me a bit of an emotional wreck. Having learnt I’m like this, I try not to put all my eggs in one basket but sometimes it’s hard when you have such strong emotions and feelings towards this world and the people in it. In the past I have been hurt in love but at the same time I’ve experienced such strong feelings of love and happiness due to this so you just have to accept it and be grateful for what you have, there is good and bad in every situation.

I once read an amazing post on The Huffington Post called 16 Habits Of Highly Sensitive People and it really made me think about the way I feel and inspired me to write this post regarding my own feelings. I could relate to this post on so many different levels being a sensitive, highly emotional person myself. If you are similar to me and you feel the same way I do, it’s definitely worth a quick read, I will link it below for you all to check out.

Don’t ever hide your feelings away, you are human and this is what we do, It is normal to cry and it is normal to be happy, Do not ever feel guilty for showing either of these emotions. You are perfect just the way you are and everyone has to learn to accept we all have up days and we have down.

Happy National Tea Day (My Top 5 Favourite Flavours)

If there is one thing in this world that I know a lot about, it’s deifnitely tea. The stereo type of British people drinking a lot of tea is not far from the truth at all, not in my case anyway. I absolutely love a cup whether its in the morning before I start my day or a cup to warm me up in the evenings, I am all about it. Today is the 21st April 2017 which is also National Tea Day. I thought today it would be a great idea to combine my two favourite things and write a post regarding my favourite flavours of tea.

I am the kind of person that no matter if I am thirsty or not, I will never turn down a cup and you will always find me with a cup in my hand. I drink tea so much that sometimes I make a cup just to place it on the side, completely forget it’s there and drink it cold an hour later (We have all been there, don’t judge). I have always been a fan of English tea and Green tea but have only recently been trying out new flavours and seeing what else is around. Today I have decided to share my top 5 types of tea with you for both health and enjoyment.

1. Yorkshire Gold Tea

My number one choice has to be Yorkshire Gold Tea. I know this is just your typical standard english cup of tea but I just feel the standard of Yorkshire Gold is much better than any other brand I have previously tried out. Most people I know say they cannot taste the different between brands but when you are a strong tea drinker like myself you can definitely tell the difference. Yorkshire Gold Tea bags have won me other for years now and will continue to do so.

2. Tetley Green Tea

Tetley Green Tea is probably the tea I drink the most just due to it being a lot more healthier than normal British tea. When I am trying to lose weight and be healthier I always drink a cup Tetley Green tea with my meals. Green tea is amazing for you as it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. This includes improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other incredible benefits. So I would definitely recommend drinking this if you are looking to help out your body and be an overall much healthier person.

3. Twinings Pure Peppermint Infusions

I absolutely LOVE peppermint tea and would highly recommend it for anyone. Peppermint tea for some reason always makes me feel so much more refreshed and healthier. The only time I normally drink this is in the mornings before work as it is very refreshing and helps to wake me up ready for the day ahead, I do not tend to drink this of an evening just due to me having the bladder of a child and not wanting to be up weeing all night. Although i’ve never actually tried out any other brands of peppermint tea so I cannot comment on the quality but I can recommend Twinings as a good product.

4. Buddha Teas Organic Chai Tea

Due to recently following the Buddhist pathway in life, I have decided to try out Chai Tea as I have read in many places that it is very good for your health. I do not regret this decision at all as now Chai Tea is one of my favourites. I do not drink Chai Tea all that often because it is quite expensive however I normally have a cup before or after meditation, Although I meditate every day I will only have Chai Tea around 3 times a week. It is very different from your normal cup of tea, traditionally chai tea is made from a base of black tea mixed with spices like pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves so as you can tell it’s quite spicy. You can order this directly from Buddha Teas website at great prices which I would highly recommend if you are wanting to try.

5. Homemade Iced Peach Tea (recipe from Melissa at number 2 pencil)

I recently came across this amazing recipe for a homemade Iced Peach Tea and as the summer is quickly approaching I thought I would share my thoughts on this with you. Although this obviously isn’t the most healthiest out of the lot it’s definitely the most tastiest. This Recipe from Melissa is lovely and is very easy to follow so I would definitely recommend you trying this out for events such as garden parties or if you just fancy a refreshing drink for yourself. I will link the recipe below so definitely give it a go and let me know your thoughts on it.

I hope all you Tea lovers thoroughly enjoyed this post and I hope I have inspired you all to try out some new and different teas. If you have tried any of the products I have written about above, I would absolutely love to hear your opinions on them or if you have any others you recommend, let me know.

Living In Sydney, Australia (Travel Diaries)


The next post in my travel diaries series will be all about my time in Sydney, Australia. So as you all may already know I previously travelled around Australia for just under 2 years and was lucky enough to have experienced living in both Sydney & Melbourne. I lived in a beautiful part of the Sydney city called Pyrmont for 6 months, it located on the harbour and only a 10 minute walk from the main city centre. I thought today I would share my thoughts and feelings on my life as a Sydney girl.

Sydney was the first place I ever visited during my stay in Australia and I was not disappointed at all. I think Sydney is absolutely fantastic to visit however I would not choose to live here. A big, bold and beautiful city full of so many things to go and do, you will never be bored. Although it is a lovely place, it is very busy and very fast-moving and by the end of my 6 months here I couldn’t wait to move on to somewhere a little more quiet.

Sydney consists of so many brilliant hostels, bars and clubs! and I highly recommend this being the first place you visit on your travels. If you are looking at Travelling to Oz, I very much recommend staying in the famous WakeUp hostel. It is the best hostel in Sydney for people travelling by themselves as everyone is in the same boat and you will meet so many new people in order to go travelling with. It is quite a pricey hostel because it’s very good condition and very clean compared with most in OZ. Even though it’s expensive I definitely recommend spending a little cash and staying here for the first week or two but once you are comfortable do not get stuck there! Move on ASAP because so many people do not make it out.

Now for the sightseeing… Sydney is definitely one of the best places to sightsee and being a tourist is the best thing to do here. There is just so much to see and always something interesting going on. Whether you are interested in seeing the cliche harbour bridge and opera house, surfing on Bondi beach or hiking around the blue mountains, there is just so much for you to experience. My favourite thing to do during my time in Sydney was taking trips down with friends down to the botanic gardens and just relaxing in the sun and having a picnic on the beautiful grass.

After this I have to tell you all about Darling Harbour, one of my favourite places to go on my days off. Not only does it always have festivals and events going on, it is also the home of the worlds biggest IMAX. Plenty of lovely places to go for lunch, dinner and does have a pretty good happy hour you can also go and check out. The bar Blackbird serves the best $8 cocktails and Pontoon bar next door makes the best chicken schnitzel I have ever had. I can’t put words together to describe this meal. When you arrive in Sydney you will notice that chicken schnitzel is a huge part of the Aussies lifestyle. every single place sells it! but I’m here to tell you that Pontoon bar’s is the best. even better go on a Tuesday and it’s very cheap.

As for other places to go and check out in Sydney I recommend taking the ferry over to Milson Point for get views of the harbour and to also go and have a little walk around the one the only Luna Park (which I was actually lucky enough to work at over the summer holidays). Then there is Market City a great shopping centre in the heart of the city with a massive amusement arcade at the top and a gigantic market from Wednesday through to Sunday every week downstairs. A must see! After this take a little stroll through China Town which is right next door and get the best Chinese food you’ll ever receive.

There is so much I could talk about in Sydney, The city is full of amazing things, I will leave a little list of a few other places I went and visited whilst I was here as I could go on explaining forever. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me!

– Sydney eye tower
– Chinese garden of friendship
– Bondi Beach
– Coogee to bondi walk
– Bondi Junction Westfields
– Manly
– Watson Bay
– Sydney National Park Manly
– Blue Mountains
– Camp Cove
– Port Stephens Sand dunes
– Wollongong
– Hyde Park
– Newtown
– Kings Cross
and this isn’t even half of it!

I have not met a single person to this day who has travelled to Sydney and not enjoyed their experience. There is always something going on and something to do. If you are currently planning a trip yourself and have any questions on life in Sydney feel free to contact me I would be more than happy to help you out and give you any advice you need.

The Great Ocean Road, Australia (Travel Diaries)

Welcome to the next part of my current series, The Travel Diaries. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I am passionate about travelling. Today I thought I would write a post regarding the beautiful Great Ocean Road in South Australia. I felt this post very necessary for anyone who is thinking of missing out on doing The Great Ocean Road & The Grampians due to money, time or effort. It does not take very much of any of these three so you have no excuse. It is such a wonderful experience which you will not regret doing, Therefore I would love to take five minutes of your time and tell you a little bit about my experiences and why you should go. I completed this trip in as little as 3 days and as cheap as $500 and that was for 2 adults. 

Me and my ex boyfriend who I was travelling with at the time decided to rent a camper van with the awesome Wicked Campers. At the time of the purchase they were offering a special deal on The Great Ocean road for 4 nights/3 days $299 (possibly $199 depending what time of year you go). This deal always seems to be on the website so I don’t actually think there is a time limit on this one, don’t panic. They have extremely cool designed campers, all pimped out with the funny graffiti stickers which is awesome. However the time period we went was extremely busy and I’m so upset to say we had a plain white van. My poor heart was broken but never mind.. It did the job needed.

We set off nice and early on our little “valentines weekend” excursion off the great ocean road.  Isn’t that just the cutest idea. After jumping onto the princess highway and heading through Geelong you will come to your first point off The Great Ocean Road, This being Torquay, Bells Beach. Once you reach this point you will get away from the highway and see nothing much gorgeous views of the coastline.

After this you will drive through many gorgeous little seaside towns such as Anglesea and Lorne. These are great places to stop off and have some lunch whilst in some of the local businesses. Once you arrive at Lorne you do also have the option to go and view Erskine Falls. It is a beauty, Must see! especially on a good day. I would just like to mention it is quite a long walk down to the bottom of the waterfall so it is not recommended for people with health conditions. I have no conditions and I pretty much died on the walk back up.

The next stop on your ride is Apollo bay where they serve up the best fish and chips in town. Sit by the shore and watch the waves roll in while you eat some delicious fresh fish and get attacked by seagulls (that’s how it went for us anyway). We decided to stay at a campsite here which only cost us 30 bucks for the night and was absolutely fantastic, everything provided and provided well. You don’t have to pay for accommodation as there are free campsites along the way however we decided to treat ourselves a little and stayed in town for the night.

Now is when the adventure gets real good, once you come anyway from Apollo bay your next big destination will be Port Campbell, the home of the famous Twelve Apostles. This a beautiful beach town with fantastic restaurants, beaches and all sorts of wonderful things to look at. This will be your last stop for seeing the spectacular views of the Great Ocean Road. After this you can drive all the way through to Portland which is the official end. However If you are deciding to go to the Grampians on the way you can skip this part and drive straight through to Hamilton which is where stay here for the evening.

We decided to drive from the End of The Great Ocean Road and head up to Hamilton where we started the beginning on the Grampians. I will admit the Grampians is extremely confusing how to get to the main part however if you are up for an adventure there are many paths and tracks you can take down and drive for miles. Finding some awesome views. It might just be that I am not very good at map reading and got us lost but nevermind it was an experience and a half.

Once you arrive in the town of Hamilton you will notice a street of shops and cafes with a little tourist building at the end. This is the beginning of the Grampians. Would definitely recommend just quickly popping into the building to grab a map! this way you will see all the main points you can drive to and how to plan your route for the day. It will show you where all the great waterfalls are, the amazing dynamic views and the awesome treks you can take!

There is so much to see and do on The Great Ocean Road & The Grampians. If you have a spare few days or a long weekend off work I can highly recommend this as a little adventure. Get your friends and family together and go off to experience what south coast of Australia has for grabs. Whether you are planning a trip to Oz or not, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions on Australia or The Great Ocean Road do not hesitate to contact me.