What a lovely day (Suprise ending)

What a lovely day (Suprise ending)

Recently I have been working so much that I have actually forgotten what the meaning of having a social life is. As well as this my job isn’t exactly the easiest of all jobs to deal with,  I work on the customer service desk of a huge British PLC called Sainsburys. Here I deal with complaints after complaints for a good 9 hours a day, Sounds like great fun right? exactly. I am normally very good at handling these situations and defusing the tension however recently I have been finding it so difficult and been talking a lot of it to heart. I don’t know whether this is because ive been through a lot recently and have been very delicate which has caused my depression and anxiety to rocket sky-high or because I’ve been doing this shit job for a while now. Either way I’m over it.

Anyway I can imagine you are probably sitting there reading this thinking “what the hell” “why does this have the title such a lovely day”. Well this is where my story begins. Yesterday morning my alarm set off at 5:30am ready for me to jump up and start a brand new day at work. I turned up on time and by an hour into my shift I was already stressed and ready to head off home. Of course being the person I am this negative way carried on throughout the day untill an hour before I was due to finish a female customer came flying over to me raging and throwing aggressive swearwords here, there and everywhere. I stood there professionally taking it all and trying to calmly understand her reasoning behind the situation in the nicest way possible whilst planning her death in my head (of course figure of speech) untill I completely lost it and said “Look I’m sorry but this is not my fault please do not take this out on me, I really do not deserve to be spoken to like this and quite frankly I don’t get paid enough for it either. The lady just stood there in pure silence looking me in the eye and sincerely apologised a thousand times, this is something that never happens which if you do or have worked in the same sort of job you will know. The lady was so upset she had spoken to me in this way when to be honest for me it was just one of many people I have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Eventually the lady left and then to my surprise about 20 minutes later the same lady walks back into the store and comes over to me with my manager next to her. she begins by firstly apologising to me for the way she spoke to me and told my manager that I deserve a pay rise, then from no where pulls out a massive bouquet of flowers including roses and the most gorgeous pink flowers I have ever seen in my life (As you can see flower knowledge is not on point). What a lovely end to an awful day. Good people do exist.


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