New Rose Gold Metalic Stationery Set

As you may already know I work at a supermarket called Sainsburys and yesterday at work I noticed how we have such an awesome range of stationery at the moment. For anyone who knows me well will know how excited I get looking at new stationery, notepads, and pens. It’s actually kind of sad how much enjoyment I get from this.

The stationery we currently have in store have a range from full sassy to smart and classy (and no, I’m not on commissions, unfortunately). I normally shop in places such as Typo and Paperchase for my stationery as I think the products they sell are just simply so cool. if you haven’t checked these places out yet I highly recommend, it will change your life.

stationery shop
stationery shop

I decided to spend a little bit of money yesterday because

1) I couldn’t control myself.

2) I do actually need some new bits to help me improve planning my blog posts properly.

3) I thought they were a fantastic price for how pretty they were.

I’m really trying to get my life back into gear as I’m not the most punctual person. Like they say new year new me. So yes this is one of my many new year’s resolutions and a cheeky excuse to treat myself. Whether you just appreciate cute notepads or you are genuinely looking for some new bits. I thought I would share some of the items I purchased yesterday.

stationery shop
stationery shop


    • January 11, 2017 / 10:40 am

      Me either! Was so impressed when I saw them, glad you like 😍

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