My first LUSH experience! (bath bomb haul)

After my bad day the other day I decided to treat myself to some beautiful Lush bath bombs and I do not regret this one single bit. I have never purchased anything from lush before however have heard such good things I decided it was time to lose my Lush virginity. As I was so excited to try my new purchases I have had 3 baths in the last three days and tried a different bomb each night. Due to this being my first time I thought I would share my experience with you guys and I really hope you enjoy.

Whether you are like me and have never tried lush before or you are a serial expert on their products, I thought this would be a nice little post to share. You are more than welcome to let me know if I made the right choices or if there are many other bath bombs you highly recommend for me to try next time as I was so excited and will definitely be returning again.

The first evening I decided to try both a bath bomb and one of the bubble bars. This was by far my favourite out of all three evenings. In this tub I started off with the beautiful Unicorn horn bubble bar, not only did this smell absolutely gorgeous but was so pretty as well. As you can see in this picture below it was so colourful and glittery which is my favourite kind of thing and anybody who knows me well knows how obsessed I am with anything unicorn related.16325489_10210865248734646_23954337_o

In this tub I also decided to use the Lush rose bombshell (Which you can see in the picture below). This one surprised me a lot as I didn’t expect it to be as pretty as it was, Not only did it turn the bath water a lovely shade of pale pink but also smelt divine. My favourite part of this bath bomb was once it had fully dissolved it had real rose petals in the middle which floated on the surface of the water which in my eyes is beautiful. What a way to relax.


The second evening was like a magic trip to space, this bath bomb really reminded me of a galaxy far away which had the most beautiful aliens ever to exist in it. This bath bomb is called Intergalactic. If you are looking for a bath bomb which is very visual and will brighten up your bath time experience this is definitely the one for you. There aren’t much words to explain this experience so I’m just going to leave you with the fabulous pictures I took. What a beauty hey!


Then last but not least we are left with evening number 3 and this was the bath bomb named Frozen. The main reason as I decided to purchase this blue beauty was because I am a massive Disney fan, I don’t actually know if it has anything to do with the film Frozen but due to the name it kind of caught my eye and I’m so glad that it did. This bath bomb smelled absolutely lovely, It has a very fresh scent to it and it makes your skin feel so soft. I really couldn’t fault it in any way.


So to sum up my lush experience I am very impressed and very satisfied with the products I tried in the last few days and I will definitely be returning to try more. If anyone has a reccomendations of bath bombs they have tried in the past I would love to hear about them and would love to try them out. Let me know what you think!


  1. February 22, 2017 / 4:21 pm

    I’d highly recommend their hair care products! Their shampoo bars work really well, last forever, are fun and great value for money 🙂 Seanik is a nice one to start with!

    • February 27, 2017 / 9:52 pm

      Oh very nice! Thank you very much I will have to give them a test! I do love lush, such beautiful products 😍x

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