The YouTube Community (My Favourites)

The YouTube Community (My Favourites)

Anybody who knows me well will know how many hours a week I tend to spend scrolling through YouTube watching the most random things. Due to YouTube being a huge part of my life and many other people in this day and age, I have decided to write a post dedicated to my Top favourite YouTuber’s and my favourite videos of all time. I am sure some of you would have either heard off or already have watched half of the vloggers I will be talking about today however some you may not and I strongly recommend you giving them 5 minutes of your time. You never know you may find your new favourite by doing so. During this blog post I would also like to mention a few of my close friends who also have YouTube channels that I believe should get so much more credit for the hard work they put into their channels than they currently do. If you do watch them and you do enjoy make sure to let them know, taking five minutes out of your day to do so could make that persons week.

I watch all sorts of weird and wonderful things on YouTube. I love to watch Vlogs, makeup and hair Tutorials, History documentaries and lastly everyone loves a video that’s going to make them wet themselves with laughter (and I mean literally, wouldn’t be the first time unfortunately oops). I don’t know if it’s because I am a nosey person or that I am quite intrigued by what people get up to in their daily lives, either way I would have to say daily vlogs are my all time fave. I just think its amazing how different other people’s lives are to your own and I love to learn about new people.

My top favourite of all time would have to be the one and only amazingly beautiful and talented Zoella. Everyone will probably hate on me for this as I know she is very well-known and famous but I have actually been watching Zoe for years. My love for Zoe began back in the days of Summer in the city when I was about 14/15 years old. I think she is very good at what she does despite suffering with anxiety. Why hate on someone because they are good at what they do? no way. She should be very proud of herself and what she has achieved in her career of YouTube and Blogging. If you have never heard of Zoella before, she is a 26-year-old lady who was born in Wiltshire, England. She does many different types of videos from daily vlogging, tags, tutorials and all time favourites. I will post a link to her channel below so if you haven’t already go check her out.

Zoella’s Main Channel

Zoella’s Daily Vlogs

My second favourite would have to be Kio Fresco to owner of Kio’s corner channel. I have only recently come across Kio and to this day I have never looked back. Kio is one amazing YouTuber who posts the most inspiring videos. He posts videos on everything from religious views, world culture, drug, psychology and so much more. I came across his channel due to recently wanting to change my views on life and join the buddhist community and his videos have helped me out so much. Whether you believe in spiritual things like this or not his channel is so worth checking out because his views on life are great, he will truly help you see the good in everything you do and stop the negativity in your life. Check him out in the link below.

Kio’s Corner

After this there would be the one and only fouseyTUBE. The Palestinian stallion. FouseyTUBE mainly posts pranks on people which I think is absolutely bloody brilliant, he is so funny and knows exactly how to handle a joke. In all honestly I’m quite a miserable person but when watching FouseyTUBE I can’t help but absolutely die of laughter. Yousef Eraket being his real name is a 27-year-old YouTuber from California, USA. My favourite video of Yousef’s would have to be the Yoga Pants prank where he wears female leggings in public and tricks men into thinking he is a woman and they absolutely poo their pants when they find out he’s a man. It is great, so worth a watch in my eyes.


My next favourite is the gorgeous Canadian blondie Vloggingblonde. I have watched vloggingblonde and her partner for a good few years now. Her real name is Zar Ann and she is a 22 years old. she originally started her YouTube channel back in 2012 in which she vlogs her beautiful long distance relationship with her boyfriend Ares who is from Switzerland. Their relationship is amazing and a true inspiration to anyone who is in a long distance relationship, it just goes to show true love does exist. I would 100% recommend you going and checking out her channel, she is a beauty.


If you have got this far firstly I would like to say thank you and seccondly I would love it if you could just spare an extra few minutes of your time. Two of my friends currently run their own YouTube channels and I think they deserve a shout out. You can tell how they both have put in so much effort into their channels and I think they both deserve a lot more credit then they are currently receiving therefore I’d love it if you guys could check them out. Obviously I understand everyone is different and they aren’t going to be everybodies cup of tea but if you like what they do, let them know I am sure they would appreicate it.

First we have mental-me-max, I have known max personally for around 3 years now. We both work together in Sainsburys superstore in our hometown of Maidstone, England. He is an awesome guy who has been there for me through a lot of shit. Max was always the first to be there for me through it all so for that I have always been grateful, what a friend he is. He is a 24-year-old guy with a passion for art, tattoos and gaming. Bit of a badass if you ask me. His channel is based around gaming so if you are into that kind of thing definitely give him a go, you won’t regret.


Last but not least I have a relatively new friend of mine, here we have WirelessVlogs. He is an awesome 19-year-old guy from the beautiful Melbourne, Australia. Terrence and I actually met through twitter, of course he slide into my dm’s didn’t he, only kidding (or am I). Not only does Terrence live an exciting life full of sports, friends and fun but he is an amazing poet with a great personality and a real passion for being a good person. From the moment you first watch his vlogs and hear that accent you will fall in love and realise how much of a down to earth guy he is, so definitely spare five minutes of your time and check out his vlogs. Link Below.


I am so amazed by anybody who has the confidence and the courage to post videos of themselves online, I have never been brave enough to do it myself. I would absolutely love to make my own videos however for the time being I will stick to my blog. Maybe one day I can pluck up the courage but as for now it will just be me, my mind and my hands to type. Hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy checking out some of the recommendations I have left you with today, if you have any recommendations for me feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will take a look.

Happy blogging.

Ashleigh Davis

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