Kuta, Bali, Indonesia (Travel diaries)

As you may already know I recently took two years out of my life to go and travel around some of the most beautiful countries in this world. This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever done but I do have one regret within it all. My one regret during this time was that I did not blog my experiences so I’ve decided to spend some time recapping on my journey. So I would like to formally welcome you to the Travel diaries of a unexperienced, ditsy but adventurous 18/19 and 20-year-old girl.

I would like to start my series with my favourite place of them all, the beautiful Indonesia.

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia.

Kuta was one of the first places we visited when we went to Bali. we decided to stay here for 3 days in total but that was definitely enough time for me. I am going to be honest Kuta was not my favourite place but it was most definitely an experience. I would like to take a moment to share a few of my experiences with you. Whether you are here just for a read or are genuinely interested in some travel inspiration I hope you enjoy this post.

Kuta is a very popular area in Bali which is full of many Australian, New Zealand, Chinese and English travellers or holiday goers from all round the world. It situate only 20 minutes drive from the airport itself and is directly on the coast. Kuta has a very busy vibe about it and is full of bars, clubs, shops and restaurants. There are also many market stools here which sell some very cheap and great items which are perfect for grabbing your friends and family a little present for the way home. One of the famous things being a Bintang t-shirt, you will find these everywhere in Bali.

The one downside I found with Kuta was that you do get harassed by the locals quite often to buy items from them. Although this is annoying for us people on holiday, It’s actually very sad as some people here simply cannot afford privileges like we can and have to beg just to be able to survive. For me I just felt like I couldn’t really spend time looking around as they would be right behind following and begging you to purchase their products. I completely understand they are just trying to make a living but it is quite uncomfortable for westerns like myself when you aren’t used to being in this type of situation.


The nightlife here is absolutely fantastic. I’m normally not really one to go out and get absolutely wasted and start slut dropping like Rihanna up the local lads but here I did go out quite a bit and it was great. We decided to spend one evening and have a drink in every single bar we came across. The drinks here are very cheap which is also great if you are on a budget, You can get a bottle of beer as cheap as  £1 and spirits are around £2. Can’t really complain with that now. My favourite place to go out of an evening in Kuta would be the sky bar and I would highly recommend taking a cheeky trip here one evening if you get a chance. It’s a great young people’s vibe, you will really enjoy yourself and you will meet lots of travellers like yourself.

As for accommodation and where you should stay whilst you are in Kuta, you do have a lot of different options. It’s completely up to you and the main factor of choosing just depends on your own budget. It is pretty cheap to stay in Kuta in either hostels or hotels. We decided to stay in the same hostel (The Party Hostel) for all 3 days because it was perfect for what we needed. It was right in themiddle of the main stripe which made it perfect for walking to each destination that we had planned to go and see. It also only cost £8 for 1 night so you couldn’t fault it in anyway.


The other great thing about Kuta is that the beach is only a 10 minute walk from the main strip. The beach here is absolutely beautiful although I would like to warn you it may look nice but the current is a lot stronger than it looks, this would be the one tip I would give to you, make sure you can swim. One of the main reasons why lots of people love to visit Kuta  is because it’s the best place for surfing, you can find many locals down here offering cheap surfing lessons for as little as £15 which is great especially because they are very talented and ever so helpful.

I have decided to save the best for last on this Kuta post and that would be the water park WaterBomb, It is Bali’s best water park as well as making it to the top 3 water parks in the world. Yes, it is that good. We spent all day going on all sorts of crazy slides and rides as well as chilling in the lazy river whilst topping up our tan as well. unfortunately it was quite pricey so if you are on a budget this probably isn’t the best place for you but if you have got the spare cash I couldn’t recommend this anymore if I tried. It was amazing.

If you are planning a trip to Indonesia and are looking for some advice before you set off on your adventure you are more than welcome to contact me directly on all social media for any information. I am always happy to help out when I can.

Next on the Travel Diaries… Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.

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