What Is It Like Being A Highly Emotional Person

What does it mean to be a highly emotional person? Most people will automatically associate the words highly emotional with sadness and despair but in my eyes that’s far from the truth, You can experience high emotions for the most fantastic reasons. This doesn’t necessarily mean crying at everything. When you’re happy, you’re ecstatic! When you’re mad, you’re fuming. When you’re stressed, you’re freaking out! You feel like your emotions are so much stronger, compared to everyone else and that is what makes you a highly emotional person. Today I have been having the strangest emotional rollercoaster ride of a day so I thought it would be a great idea to share my thoughts on this topic especially. I think it’s important to discuss the different levels of emotions and how each person is affected in completely different ways, wether those emotions are for good or bad reasons, you are normal and they are normal feelings to have.

I, myself am a very highly emotional person that has experienced a fair bit of emotional pain in my life but I believe you have to accept the bad to appreciate the good in this world. How are you going to know when something is so great if you have never experienced the bad side of things. Life isn’t meant to be an easy ride and you are always going to have hard times, no matter how perfect your life may seem. Being highly emotional does make this hard sometimes and I think this is where my anxiety and depression comes into things. When my life decides to throw something a little negative my way I never know how to deal with it, I get stressed very easily and It does not take long for the water works to make an appearance. I am most definitely not promoting this as a good way to be because it is not good for your emotional or mental health and I hate being this way. Sometimes I really wish I didn’t feel those feelings in so much dept because when it’s bad, it’s real bad and I often get myself in quite a bad state.

This picture above was literally me crying the other day for absolutely no reason, us woman can and will always be emotional wrecks especially at the certain time of the month.. embrace it and laugh it off!

Being highly emotional isn’t always bad though, Like I mentioned previously when you’re happy, you’re ecstatic! On the same level as overpowering emotions, you may find yourself crying more than most. Not in a bad way but it could be as simple as having a conversation, but the tears seem to well up in your eyes or listening to your new favourite song just due to your strong feelings and emotions. It’s as if sometimes your emotions don’t understand and you could cry from the happiness of the situation. You just respond differently to everyone else and by having tears, that’s how you express yourself. When it comes to falling in love or liking someone new, being highly emotional plays a huge part in both the bad and the good. I tend fall for people very quickly and sometimes this unfortunately doesn’t work out, leaving me a bit of an emotional wreck. Having learnt I’m like this, I try not to put all my eggs in one basket but sometimes it’s hard when you have such strong emotions and feelings towards this world and the people in it. In the past I have been hurt in love but at the same time I’ve experienced such strong feelings of love and happiness due to this so you just have to accept it and be grateful for what you have, there is good and bad in every situation.

I once read an amazing post on The Huffington Post called 16 Habits Of Highly Sensitive People and it really made me think about the way I feel and inspired me to write this post regarding my own feelings. I could relate to this post on so many different levels being a sensitive, highly emotional person myself. If you are similar to me and you feel the same way I do, it’s definitely worth a quick read, I will link it below for you all to check out.


Don’t ever hide your feelings away, you are human and this is what we do, It is normal to cry and it is normal to be happy, Do not ever feel guilty for showing either of these emotions. You are perfect just the way you are and everyone has to learn to accept we all have up days and we have down.


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