Kiss My Parcel – Bereavement Care Package Review.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of research on monthly subscriptions and care packages online. So often I see my followers posting unboxing videos and reviews. These have always been my favourite to read about, so I decided to do a little research and get my own. That is exactly when I came across Kiss My Parcel.

Kiss My Parcel is a company that is there to help supply your family members, friends or even work colleagues with a fun care package. Each parcel is carefully packed with unique and quality gifts to suit your wants and needs.

The Bereavement Care Package

Grieving can be tough but with the right support, you’ll do just fine.

The Bereavement Care Package was something I found very interesting from Kiss My Parcel. For someone who has unfortunately experienced their fair share grieving at such a young age, I can safely say I think a gift like this would truly help get you through the process.

This package aims to help someone that is grieving for a recently deceased loved one. The contents of the box have been thoughtfully chosen to help boost both motivation and reflection. Within hidden layers of shredded recycled paper, this caring gift parcel contains items that can help you to take some time out to reflect on the life of your loved one and remember the happy times that you spent together.

The gift box is crammed with inspirational items. I particularly liked the Gift Republic Bonsai grow kit. The Bonsai tree is a great testament to plant in memory of a special person that has now gone. It shows that life still goes on, and will serve as a lasting memory of that person for years to come.

As well as this I loved the very touching little hardback book by Susan Squellati suitably titled “When You Lose Someone You Love”. I thought that it was a nice touch and a good choice for a care parcel such as this.

Not that it matters all that much, to be honest, but this was a non-religious book that is easy to read and can be appreciated by everyone, no matter what their religious slant. The book aims to reassure the reader that the grief they are feeling is perfectly normal, and offers comforting words to help readers understand their pain.

When there are no words you can say to soothe a grieving friends pain, then you can at least help to ease their grief and show them that you care. This care package goes a long way to both celebrate the memory of the bereaved loved one, and also help your grieving friend to come to terms with their feelings.

The parcel contains a high quality engraved Maple wood photo frame inscribed with the words; “You left us beautiful memories, your love is still our guide, although we cannot see you, you are always by our side”. This frame can be used to display a treasured photograph of the deceased loved one and makes a truly memorable gift. What we also thought was a very nice touch is the fact that Kiss My Parcel can include a landscape picture of your loved one within the frame before sending it out. The extra layer of personal care here would be truly touching for the gift recipient.

There are a lot of nice little touches contained within this care parcel. You can also find the comforting scent of the hand poured St Eval sandalwood candle. Followed by the reassuring scent of this luxury candle and the sound of the Tranquillity music CD entitled Spirit of the Panpipes by Midori.

This is a perfect combination of products for when you want some quiet time to reflect and remember your lost loved one.

So What’s Included?

Here is what you can find in this very well crafted gift parcel:

– Real Maple Wood Engraved Photo Frame

– Republic Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree

– St Eval Sandalwood Scented Candle

– When You Lose Someone You Love (A journey through the heart of grief) Book by Susan Squellati Florence

  Woodstock Piccolo Chime

– Midori Spirit Of The Panpipes CD

Kiss My Parcel truly go the extra mile with their gift parcels. All of the gifts contained in this bereavement care package are discreetly hidden within layers of shredded recycled paper and then topped with a personalised or standard printed card enclosed in an authentic wax sealed envelope.

The reason behind why I have decided to write this post today was that I believe the product/services they have to offer are thoughtfully and worth every penny. This company truly does put the care into care-package.

I discovered ‘Kiss My Parcel’ on a bloggers site and after reading the reason behind the brand name I felt compelled to write about the company.  You can read the companies story over on their website via the following link click here to read.

I definitely recommend you taking 5 minutes of your time to read the inspirational story behind this company.

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