Farewell University Christmas Flat Party (Twelve Days of Blogmas)

Before I headed back home from university for the Christmas holidays, I decided to hold a little gathering/party in my flat for my close uni friends. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to write and share my Blogmas day twelve. As many of you will know I decided to take on the Twelve days of Blogmas this month, however, I saved my last post for the Christmas party and had to wait for this to take place in order to share. I do realise It is now the 17th of December and for that, I sincerely apologise but better late than never.

Since being at university I have met some fantastic people who have become my best friends In such a short amount of time. I have had the pleasure of meeting two lovely ladies called Iman and Justine. We all met on a night out on Halloween and we live in the same University building. After that night out our friendship kind of just blossomed from there and now we are a big part of each other’s lives. My Christmas party consisted of me, the girls and my two best boy mates Kane and Liam who I have known for around 5/6 years now. It was just a small gathering but I had everyone there I wanted and needed.

I decided to decorate the flat with lots of cool and cute Christmassy decorations to make it look as festive as I could. I didn’t have much of a budget to spare when it came to this party, therefore, Poundland and B&M became my best friend during the preparation for this. Surprisingly, I didn’t struggle to find lots of bits that were both cheap and really great for the occasion. I came across a massive cardboard cut out of a snowman which you can hang up on the wall for only £1 in Poundland. This was perfect for one of the game ideas I had come up with, I decided to go for the theme of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ but it being pin the carrot on the snowman, just for a bit of fun. I also went for the cliche tinsel hanging from the walls and a bunch of paper snowflakes that I spent hours making myself. After spending a good hour or two decorating the flat, it was ready and looked like the perfect student winter wonderland.

I decorated the table with candy canes, Christmas crackers and snacky foods for when they all turned up, alongside a very simple yet fulfilling buffet food and of course not forgetting the alcohol. Once everyone turned up we devoured everything and decided to play some board games. Although we are university students, we soon discovered we weren’t very good when it came to playing trivial pursuit. By this point, we were all full and tired of using our brain too much and decided to swivel over to the sofas where we listened to Christmas music and watched some cute films for the rest of the night.

I had such a lovely, festive and chilled evening in with all my favourite people and I like to think they all enjoyed themselves too. As I now won’t be seeing any of them for at least 2 weeks, I thought it was the perfect goodbye and send off. I also hope everyone else is in the Christmas spirit and enjoying their festive month of December. If you are still stuck in the “Bah Humbug stage I hugely recommend you listening to a bit of Mariah Carey. There are only eight more days to go until the man in red appears down our chimneys so get yourself a glass of wine, pop your feet up and enjoy your time.

My 2017 Advent Calendar – Blogmas Day 11

Since as long as I can remember, my dear mother has always bought me an advent calendar every year. In our house, we actually have a total of 5 advent calendars (not all involving chocolate, unfortunately). I thought for day 11 out of the 12 days of blogmas, I would share the advent traditions of my families household. As well as your typical purchased chocolate advent from the store we have 2 ornamental countdowns and we have a hand stitched one that you make yourself and hang up on the door. I must admit my brother and I are quite spoilt when it comes to Christmas but when it comes to chocolate, no one complains.

I have always been a massive Lindt chocolate fan therefore since getting a bit older and no longer wanting the cliche cartoon character styled advent, my mum has always purchased me the Lindt chocolate advent calendar. I will be honest they are a little bit pricier than most advents but they are worth the money, you truly pay for what you get with Lindor. This year was a little bit different for me as I am now living at University, 6 hours away from home. When the 1st of December arrived I was not there to get involved with the family. But was I forgotten? No, I wasn’t. My mum (Bless her heart) sent me a parcel in the post which was the gorgeous Lindt Teddy bear chocolate advent calendar. How cute!

As I’m currently not back at home yet, I can’t show you pictures of our other advents. However, you can use your imagination as I attempt to describe them the best I can. We have two beautiful little Santa ornaments in the front room which are countdowns to the big day. The first one we got was a little father Christmas falling down the chimney, each day you would remove a stick to which makes him fall closer to the bottom. Once he reaches the bottom of the chimney you know it’s Christmas and he’s made it into your house to deliver the presents. When my younger brother Kieran was born my mum decided to purchase another one. The next one we got for my brother was the same concept with the sticks however, It was Santa on his sleigh, sledging down a snowy hill. By the time Christmas day is here, Santa reaches the bottom of the hill where the children’s houses are.

We then have another one hanging on our kitchen door which is a handmade stitched countdown. We have had this one in our household since I was a very little girl and has always been part of our Christmas. I’m pretty sure my mum bought this at a Christmas market one year and for me, it’s just always been there. It is a tapestry type piece with 25 individual pockets which my mum feels up with her own sweets. It’s a really simple yet sweet concept and we’ve always loved it.

Here are just a few of the traditions my family do on the countdown to Christmas. I understand every family is completely different, some may agree and some may not which Is absolutely fine. I just thought as my blogmas is now coming to an end very soon, you might be interested in seeing a bit more about my own Christmas. I hope you enjoyed this little read and feel free to share your families traditions with me, I’d love to hear. I think it’s really interesting and cool to see how similar or different each family is and what they do with their Christmas.

My Top 5 Favourite Christmas Movies – Blogmas Day 10

I’ve seen many people write about their favourite Christmas movies on their blogs, this blogmas and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one of them. As a person who loves to get cosy and binge watch movies, I thought I’d share my top 5 favourite Christmas movies with you all. The movies I have chosen are very popular and I imagine many of you have already seen them but if you haven’t, I highly recommend you giving them a go. Whether you are into comedies, romance or cartoons, there is something here for everyone. I hope you enjoy this sweet and simple post and carry on feeling festive this December.

1) The Grinch 

The Grinch is by far one of my favourite films of all time. Not only is it the best Christmas film to exist but I also can watch this film all year round. I am huge Dr. Seuss fan so there’s no surprise that The Grinch is on the top, reaching the number 1 place on my list. Not only is this film funny but is also so relatable, I relate to the Grinch on such a spiritual level.

2) The Polar Express

The Polar Express has been a favourite of mine since I was a little girl. It’s a magical film that I recommend everyone watching at least once, especially if you have little ones that still believe in the magic of Christmas and Santa himself. I won’t spoil too much of the film for you but it’s about a little boy who no longer believes that Father Christmas is real and he goes on an adventure and regrets his thoughts. It really is a sweet story of a little boy on Christmas.

3) Elf

Elf is an absolute classic Christmas film. It hasn’t quite got the place of my favourite film, however, it’s definitely up there at the top. Buddy the Elf (who is played by the hilarious Will Ferrell) is a hyperactive, happy go lucky elf that realises he was put up for adoption at birth. In order to find his real parents, he takes a trip to the big apple! It’s a really fantastic and funny film so if you are up for a laugh, this is the one for you.

4) Nativity 

The film Nativity is a relatively new Christmas film that I had the pleasure of recently discovering. This film was first released in 2009 and since then have produced a second and a third film. I haven’t actually watched the next two as of yet but that is my plan for this year. The first film is about a teacher who is super duper cute (played by Martin Freeman). He must find a way to bring his former lover, a Hollywood producer, back to London to film his class’s Nativity play. It’s such a fun and loving story so would recommend giving this one a watch.

5) Love Actually
Most of my favourite Christmas films seem to be for children however this one is completely different. Love Actually is one of my favourites for so many different reasons. This film has some of the best cast members a film could possibly have, I love so many who were a part of this. It really is such a romantic, funny and 10/10 movie, you can’t deny that.

The would you rather tag (The winter edition) – Blogmas Day 9

I will apologise now in advance for anyone who reads my blog post and is bored with my excessive amount of tag related posts. I am very aware I have already written 3 Christmas tags within the last couple of days but they really are my favourite things to do! Not only have I been working accessive amounts of hours this week so have found it quite hard keeping up Blogmas! I tell you what, it’s a stressful job. I have seen many of my blogging friends doing this which made me extremely excited when the beautiful Hannah nominated me for this “would you rather” tag. Check out her post here to see how she answered her questions!

The rules of the tag

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Add a link to the original post written by Marie here.
  • Answer the 5 Would You Rather questions were written by the blogger who tagged you, then list 5 or more of your own.
  • Tag your favourite bloggers nominating them to answer your questions, and let them know in a comment on their latest post.
  • Make sure you have loads of fun!

My answers to questions

Would you rather… a warm Christmas or a white Christmas?

 I love the idea of the traditional White Christmas. When I think of Christmas I think about everyone in their cosy warm PJs, relaxing by an open fire and drinking a warm cup of tea. So in my eyes, a white Christmas is the ideal Christmas for me.

Would you rather… a gingerbread man or a mince pie? 

My biggest hate in the whole wide world is the taste and scent of GINGER. I literally can sense it from a mile off in any kind of dish so I have to say it will definitely not be that. I’m not the greatest fan of mince pies either, to be honest. I honestly am such a scrooge.

Would you rather… spend Christmas Day at home, or in New York

I would absolutely love to spend a Christmas in New York City, could you imagine those boxing day sales, wow just wow. I think it would be an absolute dream and such an experience to do this. However, home is where the heart is and you can’t beat a family Christmas in your family home.

Would you rather… eat a full Christmas dinner every day in the month of December, or never again?

What kind of question is this, I LIVE for the Christmas dinner. I feel awful for saying this as I’m supposed to be a vegetarian but, Pigs in blankets though. God, what a glorious creation you made there.

Would you rather… have “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” by John Lennon stuck in your head, or “Wonderful Christmastime” by Paul McCartney?

Oh, it would have to be Paul McCartney, what an absolute tune. I am such a huge fan when it comes to Christmas songs. They put everyone (well mostly everyone) in such a good mood and I love the month of December because of it.

My Christmas Tag Questions For You:

  1. Would you rather open one present each day of December up until the 25th, or would you rather have all your presents opened on Christmas Day itself?

2. Would you rather have no Santa at all and not have to go through the pain of finding out he’s not real later on in life, or would you like to carry on believing in him for the rest of your life?

3) Would you rather have a traditional christmas pudding for dessert, or would you rather have another dessert of your own choice?

4) Would you rather one BIG present or lots and lots of little ones?

5) Would you rather spend Christmas Day with just a small amount of your close family and keep it real lowkey, or would you rather have a massive gathering with all your friends and family and celebrate the whole day and night?

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Dealing with Christmas Stress & Anxiety – Blogmas Day 8

As we know I can’t always be happy and cheerful but sometimes I think it’s important to ignore the fun and address some of the more serious issues. Yes, Christmas is a time of joy and laughter but when you get a little bit older it can become a very hard and stressful time. Time begins to tick by so fast whilst you are trying to work every single hour you can fit into your schedule. I think so many adults spend their Christmas holidays stressing and not relaxing, which leads to them forgetting to enjoy the times they have. It’s sad to see and to be honest, I’m not one to talk because I am exactly the same. By no means is the aim of this post to bring people down and make them feel worse about their situation, I am simply just trying to show you that you can and should enjoy the Christmas period.

I am by no means from a wealthy family or a multimillionaire myself so I do find it hard to survive and spare extra cash to buy all my family and friends the presents they deserve. It’s hard when your loved ones deserve the world but you can just about afford a potato. It’s so easy to forget about the true meaning of Christmas and get caught up in the idea of thinking you have to spend hundreds of pounds to have a good day. Christmas is all about spending TIME and EFFORT with your loved ones and isn’t about who has got the best.

Honestly, there is no wonder that people get depressed around the holidays. There is an array of demands: you’ve got parties, shopping, baking, cleaning and entertaining, to name just a few. For me, I still live at home with my parents so a lot of these aren’t an issue for me. My main issue is money and wanting to get everyone exactly what they want and need. There is no better feeling in the world than seeing someone open their present and you know it’s exactly what they asked for. I get so excited buying people what they want and deserve but this year has proved far too difficult and I am really struggling.

This year is the first year that I have moved away from home and am defending on my own two feet. I have living costs such as food, rent, and travel that is a huge part of my outgoings, Whereas when I lived at home I did not need to pay for any of these. I know many of you are thinking ‘welcome adulthood hun’ and to which I respond “thank you for the welcome but I DO NOT LIKE IT AND I WANT TO LEAVE ASAP”. Anyway, I’ve accepted the fact I might not be able to spare as much cash as I normally do for Christmas and I know my family loves me enough to understand.

I hope you are all already having a fantastic holiday and beg you to try and not get yourself stressed and down. It is simply just one of 365 days we have to live and I’m sure you’ve experienced a lot worse at some point. As long as you are happy and you love the one closest to you, you are already richer than 99% of the people in this world.