Like any good capital city, London is full of treasures waiting to be found by the people coming to visit. Being a city of many flavours, most people will be spoilt for choice when it… View Full Post View Post

As many of you may already know in exactly 1 week, I will be jetting off to Prague to spend a few days exploring with my boyfriend. Holidays, whether you are going for 2 days… View Full Post View Post

Time To Talk Many people all over the world will be getting involved with Time to Talk Day by simply having a conversation about mental health and showing that we can all talk about this… View Full Post View Post

Dear Anxiety, You and I are not friends and we never will be, as soon as you realise this and leave me be, the better my life will become. I like to compare you to… View Full Post View Post

I will be honest with you all I’m not really one for setting a new years resolutions or at least calling them ‘resolutions’ anymore. I have always been that person that every 1st of January… View Full Post View Post