Don’t Let The Label Define You Today is such an important post for me, although personally, I don’t have Autism/ Asperger’s I know so many people that do. Autism affects more than 1 in 100… View Full Post View Post

Dear Santa, Another year has passed and I cannot believe it is already December again. It’s been a very long time since we last spoke and for that, I apologise for being distant. I should… View Full Post View Post

Dear Luke, My darling Luke, I can’t believe it’s November already. 1 year ago, everything was fantastic in both of our lives. You had just started your dream course studying graphic design at University and… View Full Post View Post

Dear little brother, The first 9 years of my life you were not here and from the first moment I met you I do not know how I survived them years alone. Being 9 years… View Full Post View Post