I will be honest with you all I’m not really one for setting a new years resolutions or at least calling them ‘resolutions’ anymore. I have always been that person that every 1st of January… View Full Post View Post

Since as long as I can remember, my dear mother has always bought me an advent calendar every year. In our house, we actually have a total of 5 advent calendars (not all involving chocolate,… View Full Post View Post

As many of you who follow my social media will know, I am a huge fan of Lush cosmetics. I think Lush is an amazing business that supports great causes, are extremely passionate about their… View Full Post View Post

I genuinely cannot explain how excited I am about blogmas so here I welcome you to Day number 3 of the series. Back in the day when I was around 13/14 all I would ever… View Full Post View Post

I do apologise for this entry being extremely late, it’s just that I have been really busy recently, I just haven’t had the time to update you on my super-duper crazy life. Although Halloween feels… View Full Post View Post